Common Good Initiative

The places in which we live and work influence what we do and determine many of our relationships. Over nine years, Allegany Franciscan Ministries invested our social, human, financial (more than $25 million), and spiritual capital into three unique communities in Florida in a place-based effort called The Common Good Initiative. This community-driven initiative in Overtown, Wimauma, and Lincoln Park was launched in 2014 by Allegany Franciscan Ministries to work with community residents and stakeholders to build healthier, safer, and more connected places where everyone thrives. With leadership and guidance from local Councils for the Common Good, we worked with the community to create opportunities, develop strategies, and make investments that addressed community-identified priorities such as “access to high-quality employment”, and “safe and healthy neighborhoods”. The initiative also focused on building individual and organizational capacity in the three communities. The Initiative officially ended in December 2023; a final evaluation report is underway and will be released in summer of 2024.

Fellowship for The Common Good

The Fellowship for the Common Good, a 12-month resident leadership development program, was based on Allegany Franciscan Ministries’ belief that individuals have the power to make a difference – to drive change and foster good in ways that create healthier, safer, and more connected communities. The program engaged four 15-person cohorts in experiential learning, coaching, and skill-building on topics such as leadership styles, public vs. private life, how community systems work, active and effective listening, and building consensus. The approach emphasized self-awareness, civic action, compassion, and commitment to the community. As a significant component of the Common Good Initiative, the Fellowship was designed to build community capacity and sustainability through enhanced community-based leadership in all three Common Good Initiative Communities: Overtown, Wimauma, and Lincoln Park. Fifty-five individuals successfully completed the Fellowship, which was delivered by a team of consultants and coaches. A final evaluation report is underway and will be released in summer of 2024.


Lincoln Park landmark.

Lincoln Park - $8.4M

Welcome to Historic Overtown street sign.

Overtown - $8.5M

Welcome to Wimauma street sign.

Wimauma - $9.1M

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