06 Feb 2014

New Hope For Family

January 2012 – There are countless stories of compassion, healing and hope at the Community Health Center of West Palm Beach. Often the individuals and families that visit the Center for help become a blessing to the staff and volunteers. One such family in particular was desperate and needed ...
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06 Jan 2014

Healthcare For The Homeless

March 2012 – Jose G. was identified on his mat in desperate need of medical attention. His left eye was oozing and discolored. Later, he was diagnosed with cancer in his left eye. The doctor recommended removing his eye and the tissue surrounding the eye. After having the surgery, the nursing ...
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06 Jun 2012

JUMP-Ing For Joy!!

June 2012 – The third cohort of JUMP is well underway! The JUMP (Journey to Unlock Management Potential) Capacity Building Initiative is a unique project launched in 2008 by Allegany Franciscan Ministries, designed to help develop a stronger nonprofit sector. JUMP takes an organization-centric...
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