LISE LANDRY ALIVES, Vice President of Operations

Lise Landry Alives is the Vice President of Operations with Allegany Franciscan Ministries, joining the organization in 2014. She is delighted to be working with Eileen Coogan and Upendo Shabazz again, having worked with them when she was the Vice President of the Volunteer Center at United Way of Palm Beach County.

Lise served five years as the Assistant Director of the Healthy Start Coalition of Brevard County.  Recognizing her leadership and management abilities, the Coalition board there appointed her as Interim Director during the Executive Director’s medical leave. Lise began her non-profit career with Juvenile Services Program in Palm Beach County and Children’s Home Society in the Tampa Bay area, dedicated to ensuring children had safe, nurturing environments where they could thrive, and personnel had the needed resources to be competent and fulfilled.

Lise took an extended sabbatical in 2012, living a ‘simpler, more organic life’ with her husband at their log cabin in the mountains of North Carolina. She tapped into her artistic side and created a photographic journal while narrating the experience of a simplified, living-off-the-land lifestyle in a daily blog, Creativity has always been intrinsic to her being, having worked as a modern dancer in Miami and Palm Beach County for many years, and continuing various classes today. Tap is her passion.

Lise earned a Bachelor’s Degree at FAU (Boca Raton, FL). She’s participated in Leadership Hillsborough and Leadership Palm Beach County, and is a member of the Blue Ridge Institute. Lise is happily married to her “Mountain Man” and has two grown daughters and sons-in-law’s, a charming almost-teen grandson, and a delightful infant granddaughter, and filled with gratitude.

If you advance confidently in the direction of your dreams, and endeavor to live the life which you have imagined, you will meet with a success unexpected in common hours. ~ Henry David Thoreau