22 Mar 2021

Announcing Allegany Franciscan Ministries’ Vision

We are thrilled to announce our Vision:

The communities we serve will become ever more just, equitable, and caring; everyone in our communities will be welcomed and have the resources to thrive.

Over the last few years, and especially the last 12 months, Allegany’s board of directors and staff team have together thought deeply about our future. We talked about what matters to us, and to our community. We asked our partners what they want from us and what they think we do best.

As we considered what’s ahead, we also responded to and spoke out about the repeated recent affronts to justice and humanity – particularly racist acts like the killing of George Floyd. Allegany’s team used our capital – social, human, spiritual, and financial – to support Census outreach and Get Out The Vote efforts, to engage community members and community leaders in conversations about systemic racism, and to exhort elected officials to act in the interest of communities, especially for people who have been historically and systemically marginalized.

While we have always been guided by our Mission and Values, Allegany’s team wanted to establish a vision that would serve as a guidepost for the future, to describe what we want to achieve and what the world will look like if we achieve our mission. As an organization that has always been focused on relationships and community, our vision developed as a statement about how communities, how people, would be in relationship to one another. Elements of our vision include:

The communities we serve: While through our history we’ve primarily served six Florida counties, with some statewide work as well as a deep focus on three specific communities (Overtown, Lincoln Park, and Wimauma), our vision keeps the door open to partner with other communities as well.

Will become ever more: communities and relationships are not static, recognized in the vision by the statement that communities will “become ever more just, equitable, and caring”; we strive for continuous improvement, there is not a point at which we’ll be finished.

Just: social conditions that promote both the common good and the good of every individual. A just community embraces change and makes choices that promote healthy communities, nurture Earth, and protect future generations.

Equitable: having equity. Equity: making sure all people have fair opportunities to achieve their full potential, creating communities that feel physically, mentally, spiritually at a common level. In an equitable community, systemic, preventable, avoidable, and unjust social and economic policies and practices do not create barriers to opportunity.

Caring: a community that prioritizes the common good, and looks out for those unable to care for themselves, and asserts the intrinsic worth of every person. People feel a sense of solidarity, that they are not alone.

Everyone in our communities will be welcomed: Ensuring that every single person is actively welcomed and feels that they belong, people will feel valued and accepted.

Everyone will have the resources to thrive: In our communities, every single person has the freedom, access, and opportunity to flourish.

In the coming months, Allegany’s board and staff team will continue to listen to our communities, and work together with our partners, as we begin to make decisions about what we’ll do differently to more directly work toward our vision.