20 Mar 2021

Get Out the Vote Impact Report

SUMMARY: Allegany Franciscan Ministries awarded six grants totaling $90,000 that focused on voter turnout for the General Election with a focus on historically marginalized groups including LGBTQ and people of color. As a result, over 4M voters were contacted resulting in 2.1M individuals voting. This number is likely much higher but not all organizations captured voter data. Outreach methods included phone calls, text messages, door-to-door canvassing, events in person and online, and commercials. Additionally, transportation was provided to take voters to the polls. Nonprofits used this opportunity to learn which outreach efforts were most effective and gained supporters for issue focused work.

New Florida Majority $25,000

  • 24M calls and texts were sent to 3.5M infrequent voters of color
  • 2M people of color mobilized to vote, 1/4 of whom were first-time voters
  • Gathered research on Latinx and Black voters to better understand what motivates them to vote

Women of Color Empowerment Institute $10,000

  • Produced a successful virtual gospel concert that infused information about voting
  • Phone banking and distribution of door hangers
  • Produced commercial for Tri-County Black Voters in Broward, Miami-Dade and Palm Beach

Florida Immigrant Coalition $25,000

  • Spoke directly with 162,682 people, 2.1M calls to Black or Latinx low-propensity voters
  • 161,641 voted by mail, 98% were Black or Latinx
  • Identified 13,990 supporters who are engaged with immigrant justice work

Equality Florida $10,000

  • 356,849 low-propensity, pro-equality voters were targeted who had not registered to vote by mail
  • 115,464 of this targeted group voted early
  • 402,003 phone calls, 1.4M texts

Urban League of Palm Beach County $10,000

  • Provided transportation to polling locations for a two-week period to 5,300 people.

NETWORK Education Program $10,000

  • Nuns on Bus online tour visited 16 key states over 30 days talking about the importance of being a multi-issue voter.
  • 1,300+ people participated in the experience.
  • One stop was in Immokalee and highlighted farmworker wages and violence.