18 Sep 2020

Allegany Franciscan Ministries Census Outreach Efforts

The decennial census is the most inclusive civic activity in our country, covering every person in every household. The U.S. Constitution requires an accurate count of the nation’s population every 10 years. Census information is used to determine political representation and drive the distribution of over $675 billion in federal funding. These resources are essential to the well-being of people in all communities. The U.S. Census Bureau benefits from philanthropic sector relationships as they help get the word out to communities about the importance of the count. Allegany Franciscan Ministries believes it is vital to leverage leadership to inspire and support others in working for a complete and accurate count. Since 2019, we have directly funded over 30 local nonprofits totaling $170,000 and contributed $100,000 to Census collaborative efforts.

Read a brief report on Allegany Franciscan Ministries’ work to promote the 2020 Census.