25 Jul 2017

Announcing the Fellowship for the Common Good

Allegany Franciscan Ministries and the Councils for the Common Good in Lincoln Park, Wimauma and Overtown have just launched a new resident leadership development program. Applications for the Fellowship are now being accepted from individuals who live in one of the three Common Good Communities.

Nearly $5.7 million has already been invested in the three Common Good Communities. But the Common Good Initiative is about more than money – it is about strengthening, connecting and empowering the individuals who care most about Wimauma, Lincoln Park and Overtown. The Fellowship is the first cross-community effort created through the Common Good Initiative, which Allegany Franciscan Ministries developed to work with people to build healthier, safer places where  everyone thrives.

The Fellowship for the Common Good is built on the belief that individuals have the power to make a difference in the places where they live – to drive change and foster good in ways that create healthier, safer and more connected communities. The Fellowship is a 12-month resident leadership development program designed to build community capacity and sustainability through enhanced community-based leadership. The Fellowship is intended to help mobilize communities towards better health and wellness through community engagement, a long-term commitment to resources and increased collaboration among residents and stakeholders.

Fellows will receive civic leadership education and individualized coaching, and will engage in peer networking and visits to other communities both in Florida and out-of-state site. The intensive program is designed to be accommodating of individual’s life roles and responsibilities. As part of the program, Fellows will receive a $5,000 stipend and other supports.

Community members from Lincoln Park, Wimauma and Overtown may apply by September 1, 2017. Individuals will be considered who hold traditional leadership roles, as well as those who lead in quieter or non-traditional ways. Individuals must have a passion to advocate and to serve.

For more information about the Fellowship, and to apply, visit http://afmfl.org/index.php/common-good-initiative/fellowship-for-the-common-good.