06 Jun 2012

JUMP-Ing For Joy!!

June 2012 – The third cohort of JUMP is well underway! The JUMP (Journey to Unlock Management Potential) Capacity Building Initiative is a unique project launched in 2008 by Allegany Franciscan Ministries, designed to help develop a stronger nonprofit sector. JUMP takes an organization-centric, team approach to learning, creating change and building capacity.

Each organization participating in JUMP creates a leadership team, typically consisting of staff and board leaders, and sometimes including other volunteers or clients. These leadership teams move through a 12-month journey, focusing on their capacity building goals and providing tools and resources to sustain their work. Organizations define their vision, identify strategies and develop a capacity building plan. Following a personalized organizational assessment, participants receive technical assistance from experts, network and build relationships, obtain support from a peer group and receive $20,000 to implement the plans they’ve developed.

To date 10 organizations have successfully completed JUMP. Organizations have used JUMP to help them strengthen financial, human resources or other internal management systems; explore financing options such as fee-for-service, earned income and social enterprise strategies; prepare for leadership transitions, and; conduct analyses to assist with key organizational sustainability decisions. In addition to achieving specific goals at each organization, JUMP resulted in overall increased organizational capacity and an enhanced ability to enact change. Participants reported that JUMP supported fundamental changes such as clarification of the mission, changes in approach, and a focus on strengths. Participants also noted that JUMP allowed their organization to maintain its commitment to, and focus on, capacity issues.

As one executive director noted: “The impact experienced has given [us] the opportunity to put … new policies and procedures in place and begin to streamline a more efficient mode of operations with fewer restraints. We have also been able to better respond to other grant opportunities and relationships in the community.”
Members of JUMP’s third cohort are Girls, Inc., Alpha House, Vincent House, and Kimberly House (yes, this is the “House” cohort, purely a coincidence!). Cohort 3 participants are now implementing their capacity-building plans and have received half of their incentive funds ($10,000 each). A Champions for Change luncheon is the next formal step in their JUMP journey.

JUMP was originally funded and continues to receive support through a Vice President Development Initiative grant from Allegany Franciscan Ministries; regional vice president Cheri Wright-Jones works closely with the JUMP Planning Committee. JUMP is coordinated and administered by the Tampa Bay Healthcare Collaborative (www.tampabayhealth.org), with leadership from the Collaborative’s executive director, Carrie Hepburn. In addition to Allegany Franciscan Ministries and the Tampa Bay Healthcare Collaborative, JUMP’s current partners and Planning Committee members include the Collaborative Labs at St. Petersburg College, Lackey Consulting, the Nonprofit Leadership Center of Tampa Bay, and Robertson Consulting Group.

For more information about JUMP, please contact Carrie Hepburn at director@tampabayhealth.org.