football-100Options for youth during out of school time. All Wimauma youth and children will grow up in a safe, healthy, and nurturing environment.

dollar-rotation-100Economic opportunities.  All Wimauma residents will have access to economic opportunities.

Building Community Infrastructure and Capacity. Organizations and individuals in Wimauma will have the connections and capacity to achieve their missions and sustain the progress of the Common Good                                          Initiative.


Promote and invest in safe space for youth and children to access enrichment activities that support academic learning, incorporate technology, promote health and wellness and lead to greater emotional awareness.

Develop and expand sustainable and diverse financial support opportunities that support youth engagement.

Develop a common set of standards for all opportunities.

Create entrepreneurship opportunities in the Wimauma community (with specific emphasis on enhancing micro and small businesses).

Develop and expand access to quality and liveable wage earning jobs.

Creation of a workforce development training/resources that build a career and college path for individuals.

Build and stabilize an anchor organization.

Develop and strengthen lead organizations tied to first two priorities.

Support collaborative decision-making and action.

Inspire and “train” community change agents (individual leaders).








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